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23. Full-time psychology post-grad student. Part-time writer.

Trainee psychologist by the day, ambitious writer by the night.

Writing (and Reading)

One of my favorite memories consists of my mother and I sitting together, her reading aloud my favorite superhero comic while I started at the colorful pictures, trying to make sense of the figures and the action taking place in the fictional world.

No, I do not have an emotional story of being unable to read and then overcoming difficulties so that I could learn to embrace the language.

I was simply a toddler who was yet to go to school.

As I grew up a little, I would steal and read my brother’s novels and stories from the English…

I spent 6 months as a mental health volunteer in an Indian prison.

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In 2017, I was given the opportunity to go to an Indian prison and work as a mental health volunteer for the female inmates.

The main aim of the weekly visits was to provide the women with an emphatic, listening ear while taking their complaints to the legal consultant of the organization we were working with.

As our professor said at the time, sometimes authentic listening is the best thing you can do for someone.

Coming to the organization, it is a non-governmental international body with its chapters in various countries. They collaborated with my undergrad psychology department to provide…

The 3 step process that would help you polish your writing piece

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I have been a proponent of the Socratic questioning since I discovered the concept while studying CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy in my psychology classes. The Socratic questions are considered to be the pillars of the CBT technique. As the name suggests, it involves creating a dialogue with the client with the aim of making the client aware of the irrational beliefs that they might be holding onto. …

Her little attention and appreciation still fuel my writing.

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I started creative writing when I was very young and could hardly distinguish between ‘their’ and ‘there’.

My first story consisted of fairies and magical lands and was a rip-off of cartoon shows such as Winx club and Barbie Mariposa. I wrote it on the backside of my old, almost-torn drawing notebook. I even drew colorful caricatures to illustrate my story and add to the charm.

This initial attempt was followed by several such craftings where I was heavily inspired by children's novels such as The Secret Seven and The Famous Five.

Looking back, all my main characters were young…

As a result, I am never out of stories to write.

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I have been writing on Medium for almost 7 months now. In this duration, I have written about 80+ stories, with 125 half-written articles.

A 3 step process to emotionally detach yourself from your stories

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“I am waiting for the editor to respond to my pitch. It's been 4 days and there is no reply. Should I send another mail?”

These are the exact words that I heard one of my writer friends utter after he sent a pitch to an editor of a reputed online magazine. He told me that he was waiting for a response from the editor and refused to move on till he got one. In the 4 days that he waited for the editor to reply, neither he sent any other pitch, nor he wrote anything for his blog. …

Mental health professionals need therapists too.

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In my worst ever experience with a therapist, halfway through the session she asked me about my college major.

I did not think too much about it for two reasons.

Firstly, she was a college counselor and thus could have needed the information for her official records.

Secondly, I was too emotionally vulnerable to even give two seconds to think over that questions.

After all, I had just spent time crying my eyes out and being emotionally gaslighted by her.

As soon as I uttered the word Psychology, her demeanor changed. She sat straighter and brought her chin up. …

Some stories need a mask.

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Very few people know that I have more than one account on Medium.

The main account is where I write everything that comes to my mind, from mental health to psychology. It is a mix of personal essays and research-backed articles.

Since it is under my real name, I tend to avoid deeply emotional, embarrassing personal stories, which could cause problems if the people from my personal life actually get access to them.

On the other hand, I use a pseudonym with my side account and mostly cover topics that I can not openly talk about without offending people.


Stress does not necessarily only come from big, eventful incidents in life

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Often, tiny stressors in life can pass by us unnoticed.

Either they are not serious enough for us to pay attention to, or we use unhealthy coping mechanisms to brush them under the carpet.

However, these stressors have the potential to build up and cause harm to our long-term mental health, for example, we may be at an increased risk of anxiety and depression, substance abuse, insomnia, pain, and bodily complaints such as muscle tension.

Dr. Cal Crow, the co-founder and Program Director of the Center for Learning Connections has noticed several qualities of highly resilient people. …

Jyoti Meena

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