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  • Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

    Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

    21x Top Writer | Helping you live a healthy & happy life through my writing. Free Side Hustler’s Checklist:

  • Toni Koraza

    Toni Koraza

    I help SaaS companies find their ideal customers and spread like wildfire. Founder at

  • Emily Suvannasankha

    Emily Suvannasankha

    An American grad student in Linguistics making a fool of herself daily in Nagoya, Japan.

  • The Blue Dawn Writes

    The Blue Dawn Writes

    Blue Dawn is a community initiative/support group working by values of community healing and a facilitator of accessible mental health services to Bahujans.

  • BJ Fogg

    BJ Fogg

    Stanford behavior scientist & innovator.

  • U-Ming Lee

    U-Ming Lee

    I write about business, finance, and freelancing life. | How to contact me:

  • Linda Acaster

    Linda Acaster

    British multi-genre fiction author who haunts historic sites.

  • Ajay Gulzar

    Ajay Gulzar

    Psychology. Policy. Law. Poetry. LAMP Fellow, 2015–16. Alumnus: JNV, University of Delhi, IIT Bombay.

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